My story starts at the Esquimalt Lagoon in Victoria BC Canada while pondering life and looking for direction. I picked up an artistic looking piece of driftwood – the first thought that popped up was “What a great, longlasting scratching surface for my furbeast to try to destroy!”. My father always told me “Build it right the first time.”. I attached a used piece of plywood to the log. My sister Marlee bought my first stand off of me. Immediately!

With my love of beachcombing and cats, I had found a neat hobby to do alongside while working as a health care worker. A friend, Nickolas Burger and I came to an agreement that catapulted me into a full time occupation – I traded a cool cat tree for a website.

I am now on my third website and ready to ship anywhere to replicate more happy customers such as Jocelyn Wee in Singapore!

In Vancouver BC, there is Korna Pet Supplies Pet Solutions, both in Surrey and Delta.

The Bosley’s in Maple Ridge has been a supporter of our cat condos for many years.

In Victoria BC, you can come directly to me. If you can’t find what you are looking for in my inventory, I’ll make whatever you can imagine; just pick your driftwood, carpeting and style.

Also in Victoria, I offer the floor to ceiling model, installed. Custom orders only. With a custom order fee of $30, that will buy you a lot of input of the final product.

I’ve had great feedback from my international customers. Pictures will be sent to you with driftwood and carpeting samples after we have talked in person and I get a good idea of what you are looking for. When you call please have my website up for referencing purposes please.

I’d like to take a moment to thank some very influential people. My grandmother, Jean Touchette, for introducing me to beachcombing. Steve Larouche, for showing me that your craft can be marketable. My dad, Doug Phoenix, for teaching me that over building everything is the best policy – in a way he is responsible for why I can structurally guarantee my cat trees.