Hello. Thanks for dropping by Phoenix Feline Furniture. What you are about to see is what some say is functional art. I personally scour the beaches of Campbell River for all the unique pieces of wood. These ecologically friendly beaches offer some amazingly diverse kinds of wood including cedar, maple, knotty pine and even arbutus.

Since the wood has been in the salt water and pounded with sand and surf for many years, it's far more durable than those stands made from cheap construction materials. Phoenix Feline Furniture cat stands are a true expression of nature and a work of art for your home. And I suppose it's also worth mentioning ... cats love them!

I am proud to say that I've been collecting the wood and building the stands myself since 1996. Not all driftwood is the same quality so I know which to avoid and how to find the pieces with that "wow factor". It is one of my favorite comments when people tell me they didn't have to hide the Phoenix Feline Furniture stand in the third bedroom down the hall - it's front-and-center in the living room or hall, keeping their feline friends close while adding a conversation piece for guests.

Well over 20,000 cat trees have been made by my hands so far and they're the most durable and beautiful feline furniture you'll find anywhere. Check out my gallery and contact me because you owe it to yourself and your feline companion to take a look at this one, best option for a custom cat stand.

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